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Two Passport Photos

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In order to meet the specific requirements of the Passport Office, you will be required to provide two passport photographs to be submitted alongside your passport application form. If your photos do not meet these specific requirements your application could be rejected or delayed.

Where can you get your passport photos taken?

  • Photo-Me booths are located throughout the UK in most post offices and large supermarkets. A professional photographer will also be able to do the job to the required standard.
  • For our customers located outside of the United Kingdom, we highly recommend that you visit a professional photographer as the standards in public photo booths in other countries are likely to have different standards to the ones in the UK.

How to get correct photo

The photos must be

  • of a size that is 45mm high by 35mm wide - you'll find this is standard in the UK professionally printed
  • individual photographs in their own right, not taken from other photos
  • with a background of white photographic paper and in colour
  • with a light grey or cream backdrop
  • identical copies
  • taken recently, no older than 30 days
  • with no perceptible markings or indentations of any kind
  • unless your photo requires a countersignature, there should not be any marks on either side
  • unchanged in anyway, by computer software or by other methods
Passport Renewal Photo

The portrait must show

  • your shoulders, neck and head
  • your eyes focused on the camera
  • nothing besides you, no other persons or objects (no exceptions made for children)
  • between 29mm and 34mm high from just above the top of your head to just below your chin
  • an unemotional, plain expression and a closed mouth
  • not hats or scarves, an uncovered head (unless you have explicit medical or religious reasons for wearing it).
  • Open eyes, and, although we recommend you remove glasses for the photo, if you do wear them ensure the picture is free from reflection or glare from lenses. Red-eye is not accepted
  • shadows are not accepted
  • a significant differentiation between your face and the background
Passport Renewal Valid Photo

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