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Get Your Second British Passport, Quickly, Easily & Efficiently

We're the UK's #1 reviewed authorised agency for successful Second British Passport applications with a 95% approval rate.
  • Easy Application Process
  • Speedy Completion
  • Expert Step-By-Step Help
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What We Do

We have a simple objective - to help business clients get their second UK passport easily and effectively. We have been doing this since 2007 and have helped 1000s of clients.

See an overview on some of the things that we do:

  • Advise on how the process works
  • Help assess applicant eligibility
  • Present client use-case specific requirements
  • Avoid common rejection reasons
  • Assist in preparation of documents
  • Approve documents in our precheck
  • Book early appointments at the Passport Office
  • Attend the appointment on the applicant's behalf
  • Resubmit if needed
  • Passport Office Follow Up

Expertise in 2nd UK
Passport Solutions

Our experienced consultants deal with 2nd passport applications on a daily basis, and we have learned through our experience how to understand the specific use case of each applicant (and there are many), advise on the solution to get a 2nd UK passport, avoid the most common reasons that lead to rejection.

If we cannot deliver this, then we offer our 100% money back guarantee. See our Essential Information Section below to learn a little bit more.

What's Included

passport-icon Original Passport Not Needed
check-icon Multi Pre Checking
ethics-icon Simple 4 Step Process
calender-icon 8 Days Issuance
passport-2-icon 2nd Passport for all Situation
money-back-icon 100% Money Back Guarantee

Apply for your Second UK Passport With Only a Copy of Your Original Passport

Using our service, we do not need your original passport which means you can continue to travel, make your visa applications or use your passport however you wish. We just require a copy of every single page inside your current passport for you to apply for a new second passport.

Current Original Passport Not needed
Photocopies of current passport needed
second passport copy or original passport

Multi Level Pre Check

We rarely face any rejections or complications in cases due to our thorough guidance and pre checking process. Our process gets its robustness from thorough and bespoke advise, consultation and an online and physical pre check process.

Avoid Rejections Due To Incorrect Advice or Mistakes
Our Process Has Multi level Pre Checks To Ensure You Get Your 2nd Passport
second passport pre check

Simple 4 Step Second Passport Process

As we have been getting clients their 2nd passports since 2007, we have streamlined our process to 7 easy steps. The process is designed to reduce any necessary paperwork, No extra paperwork or bureaucracy meaning we save you time and eliminate unnecessary hassle and steps. To see the 7 steps, please see details of our defined 7 step process.

Avoid unnecessary obstacles that you might not be aware off
Clear and efficient process with guidance at every step
Second Passport UK Process

Second Passport Printed Within 8 Days

Once accepted, all new second passports are obtained within 8 working days from the date of our appointment. We generally will submit it within 1-2 working days on receipt of the documents. The new second passport is sent back to you as per the UK address you provide on the application form. The new second passport will be sent back securely via courier.

No long delays or waiting times
Processes designed to give the fastest turnaround time
2nd passport timeframe

Second Passport Support For Every Eventuality

Given our unique experience as a Second Passport specialist, where we are up to date with all the rules and requirements of the applicant, have dealt with all eventualities and case types, we are on hand to guide you through this entire process no matter what your situation. This applies to applicants who need a new second passport for business related reasons, applying for golden visas, extensive travel, studying abroad. We have template letters and proven examples that will work

Do not get rejected if you are not eligible
Expert Advice and Solutions For Every Scenario
uk passport use cases

100% Money Back Guarantee

We have a 99% Success rate in successfully getting applicants their second passport. This is over 3000 applications since 2007. You can trust us to get your second passport in a fast, efficient and professional turnaround. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure that all potential areas that lead to rejection and delay are overcome. Therefore if you do not get your 2nd passport with us, we will give 100% of your money back guarantee.

Don’t Risk Rejection Due To Lack Of Know How
17+ years experience in getting 2nd passports With Money Back Guarantee
money back guarantee

How to Apply For A Second UK Passport

Step 1: See If you
Qualify Using
Our SmartForm
Step 1: See If you Qualify Using Our SmartForm
Step 2: Prepare
Paperwork &
Pre Check Process
Step 2: Prepare Paperwork & Pre Check Process
Step 3: HMPO
& Submission
Step 3: HMPO Appointment & Submission
Step 4: Second Passport
Issued Within
7 Working Days
Step 4: Second Passport Issued Within 7 Working Days
second uk passport online application form
  • Use our SmartForm To see If Qualify for a 2nd Passport
  • Contact Our team if you require further clarification
  • Select the service you want and make your order

What is a Second Uk Passport, and why does one need one?

A Second Passport is when one person holds two different British Passports at the same time, and they are allowed to use them both simultaneously as well. The passports will have different passport numbers, and are considered totally unique to each other, with no link.

The second passport service is unique because:
  • Most of the people do not know that having two British passports at the same time is even possible.
  • The process to apply for 2nd UK passport can be done with just the photocopy of the applicants existing passport, the original is not required.
  • This can be done on a same day service also with Rapid Passports.

Who can apply for Second UK Passport?

  • It allows someone to travel whilst applying for visas at embassies at the same time.
  • It allows people to travel to conflicting contries, most specifically someone with an Israeli entry stamp cannot enter places like Saudi Arabia, and other Muslim nations.
  • For applicants where their might require two passports, eg pilots, flight attendants, people that work on oil rigs, etc.
  • Applicants that do not live in the UK, and in case they need a back-up passport. Eg live in Dubai but its convenient to have a concurrent passport in the UK.
  • For those who travel very frequently and their existing passport gets completed very quickly stamped and finished early, e.g: A British passport holder that is based in Singapore and travels around Asia, or Dubai and travels around the Middle East and Africa.

Why Apply For A Second UK Passport

visa processing icon

Visa Processing

Be able to travel whilst your other passport is having a visa application processed at an embassy.

extensive travel icon

Extensive Travel

A solution for those whose passport pages get filled too quickly.

conflict countries icon

Conflict Countries

Avoid travel issues due to conflicting country immigration stamps, e.g., Israel & some Middle Eastern countries.

Second Passport Pricing Packages

How much does a second passport cost?

Essential Package
Most Popular
Professional Package
Executive Package
Initial Consultation: 20-minute consultation to assess eligibility and explain the process. Comprehensive Consultation: 30-minute consultation to provide in-depth guidance and address specific client needs. VIP Consultation: 40-minute personalised consultation with a senior advisor to cover all aspects of the process and address any specific concerns.
Document Checklist: Detailed checklist of required documents tailored to corporate clients. Document Review and Assistance: Thorough review and assistance in gathering and preparing all necessary documents. Full Document Management: Complete management of document preparation, including obtaining, verifying, and organising all required documents.
Submission Service: Submission of the completed application on behalf of the client. Priority Submission: Expedited preparation and submission of the passport application. Expedited Application Submission: Priority handling and submission of the application for the fastest possible processing time.
Basic Tracking: Regular updates on the status of the application. Enhanced Tracking: Frequent updates and notifications on the application status, including any necessary follow-ups. Real-Time Tracking: Continuous monitoring of the application status with real-time updates and proactive management of any issues.
Email Support: Email support to address any questions or concerns during the process. Phone and Email Support: Dedicated phone and email support to assist with any issues or questions. 24/7 Premium Support: Around-the-clock access to support via email, phone, and live chat.
£547 + VAT £747 + VAT £947 + VAT

Benefits of Applying For An Additional Passport With Us

second UK passport business customer
  • Apply for a Second UK Passport Online

    The entire process is online. The applicant does not need to visit any post office, passport office or post any document. 100% fully digitized process, the applicant does not need to go anywhere.

  • Simple Application Process In Quickest Turnaround time

    As a specialised passport agency we will submit your application on your behalf at His Majesty's Passport office. We visit on a daily basis and always book the quickest appointments.

  • Your Documents Are Pre Checked Before Submission

    We have a 99% success rate over 1000+ second passport cases. Our thorough online precheck process is a pivotal part of this.

  • Amazing Customer Service & Response Time

    Experienced staff providing 30 minute response times. We understand that applicants need their second passport in a short timeframe and we support that with the communication at that front our guiding principles.

Rapid Passports Vs UK Passport Office Direct

versus icon
Rapid Passports Passport Office
Passport Agency Logo HMPO Passport Office Logo
Application Pack Emailed To Get Started With

Once we have confirmed that we help you, you will be sent our comprehensive application pack and instructions based on the service that you select. This will help ensure that you have a complete idea of what the requirements are

Post Office or Passport Office Minimal Information

Neither the passport office of the post office tell advertise much about the second UK passport process. If you search on the gov website or ask at your local post office, you will get minimal information and support. We have helped over 1000+ applicants and can handhold you throughout the process.

Full Support & Guidance Provided

Having assisted 100's of clients, we can point and advise the 10 most common reasons why a 2nd Passport Application maybe rejected or delayed. Our consultants will explain all requirements and qualification rules

No Help Or Guidance Available

The Passport office or a post office do not have any guides or supporting documentation on the completion of a 2nd passport application. No one to assist with explaining the rules or if the applicant qualifies

Application Pre-Checked By Experts

We precheck all the documents until we are 100% sure that the application will be submitted successfully before you send the items to us

Self Submit Application & Hope

Applying directly at the passport office does not include any assistance, leaving a high risk that the 2nd passport application maybe rejected due to unknown or unforeseen application errors

Unlimited FREE Resubmissions

In the highly unlikely event that you the application needs to be resubmitted, we offer unlimited free resubmissions

Requires Costly Resubmissions

If this is rejected first time, you have to resubmit in person the application at the passport office again costing you time.

Second Passport Requirements

Please see the main requirements as shown below. Please note these are the core requirements, supplementary information is nearly always required when applying for the second British passport, applicants will be supported in preparing the paperwork and also what supplementary information may be required. The requirements may change on a case by case situation (please see our Use Cases section to show the different use-case).

Original Passport or Passport Copy

Original Passport or Passport Copy


If you are applying for a Second UK Passport, the passport office will seek to review the pages inside your existing passport whilst evaluating your application. In order to support this, the passport office will require:

  • your current British Passport, or

  • A photocopy of the picture page along with a photocopy of every other page inside it.

HMPO Application Form

Second Passport Application Form

As a part of our service, we provide all the applicants relevant information required to the passport office when we book the appointment. One of the requirements is our own internal form where we request what the HMPO requires. However as a part of our service we ensure that the data gathering part of the process is not arduous and is straight forward. You will be provided this once you start the process.

2 x Passport Size Photos

Digital Photo of Applicant


The passport photo is the most common cause for rejection and delays. The photo needs to follow the guidelines and strictly adhere to that of the passport office. If these specific requirements are not exactly met then the application could take much longer.


  • The applicant can visit a registered passport office photo supplier, this can be a photo-me machine, snappy snaps, etc. Once the photo has been taken, a code shall be generated, eg in the format, idpass/UK/ and then an alphanumeric code. This can be presented to us.

  • A digital photo can also be taken eg on a phone. The photo must be less than 50kb. The photo must strictly follow the guidelines of the passport office. We will assist in ensuring that the photo passes the requirements of the passport office.

Employment Support Letter

Employment Support Letter


His Majesty's Passport Office requires a letter from your employer to support your application for a Second Passport stating the reasons for it. An Employer Support Letter must be provided for the following passport applications:

  • a first time Second British passport

  • a renewal of a Second British passport

Order Form

Order Form

In order to start the process, please use our checkout link in order to select te service that you wish to use based on the different features. Once we have your order we shall proceed with the necessary next steps in consulting on the 2nd passport application process.

About Us

Rapid Passports has been providing assistance to businesses and individuals since 2007. about us second passport service
about us deep understanding icon Deep Understanding

We have a robust process flow, checking process, and a deep understanding of what it requires to acquire a second UK passport.

daily passport office visit icon Daily Passport Office Visit

We visit the passport office almost on a daily basis, submitting applications for businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 100 firms, to individual 1 person companies.

fast response time icon 30 Minute Response Time

We have a 30 minute response time to emails, and have developed a service offering to accommodate the many different needs for the busy traveller, under pressure assistant/HR person or agency owner.

experienced consultant icon Experienced Consultant

To learn more about our services, speak with a second passport consultant or start your application please contact us.

Diverse industry icon Diverse Industry Experience

We have developed a special understanding in helping companies across different industries from manufacturing, technology, the creative industries, financial firms and more.

What They Say About Us

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Excellent Service
rating stars

Excellent service! Cannot recommend highly enough. Great communication and guidance from Nikoletta.

Will definitely use this service again.

Lesley Kelly,
Very good service
rating stars

Very good service - clear explanation of the process on the website - does what it says on the tin!

Phildivp Head,
First class!
rating stars

Many thanks to Shane for all his help by phone and email, and for the swift and responsive service.

First Class! Thank you.

David Perrins
Handled efficiently from start to finish
rating stars

As usual, my appdivcation was handled efficiently from start to finish. Excellent service.
Thank you.

Gerard Pulford,
600 Machinery International
Great service.
rating stars

Great service. Any questions I had, Nikoletta would answer within 30 minutes of sending an email. I had lots of questions. I chose a 3-day service, but my passport was on its way back to me the next day.

Ian MClachlan,
Dukhan Engdivsh School
Smooth process
rating stars

From my initial contact with the company the process was smooth and any questions I had were dealt with very quickly. I used the 3-day service with the pre-check and my passport was returned in two days.
I would highly recommend this company.

Rayemond Newman,
Quick turnaround
rating stars

Quick turnaround, rapid response to my questions. Overall very good service.
I will recommend.

Christopher Hughes,
Quick to respond
rating stars

Shane as always has been great with this process, quick to respond to any query and also gave great advice on how to complete the forms.
Thank you.

Kate Schofield,
Northridge Capital
Extremely efficient service
rating stars

divaised with Nikoletta who was most helpful throughout the whole experience. Helped to guide me through every step and work to the tight deaddivnes that we had.
Extremely efficient service.

Sarah Tilden,
Interactive Data
Excellent service.
rating stars

Excellent service. Fast and efficient, provided good advice to support process and communicated effectively.
Couldn't be happier.

Niall Mcleod
Extremely helpful team
rating stars

2. Extremely helpful team, easily contactable and clear in their approach. Quick and professional service.
Will definitely be in contact for other appdivcations in the future and would be confident in passing their details to my colleagues.
Thank you

Chloe Seward,
Really excellent and prompt service.
rating stars

Really excellent and prompt service. Helpful staff to guide you through the process, and a quick turn around during the 'pre approval' process.
Will definitely use again for my next trips.

Paul Marsh,
Prompt and reassuring
rating stars

I used Rapid Visas to make my appdivcation and found Nikoletta to be very helpful. Her prompt responses to every email were very reassuring throughout the process....
Thanks Nikoletta!

Umar Dar
Informative and prompt
rating stars

Informative and prompt before and after I placed my order. Very quick turn-around, they completely took the hassles out of a daunting process. Information and help pack was easy to follow.

Michael Ross,
Fluid Flow
Very helpful & friendly staff!
rating stars

Very helpful & friendly staff! Prompt repdives, always approachable. Shane provided fantastic support!

Mark Batey,
Manchester Business School
First class
rating stars

The help that was provided in getting my appdivcation processed was first class. Would highly recommend rapid visas in future to anyone.

James Campbell,
Red Engineering Design
Great service
rating stars

Great service! The personal touch, ease with which I was able to complete the forms, the pre-check service and the fact that I was able to speak to some one, all contributed to an outstanding customer engagement. I would particularly single out Nikoletta, who I have dealt with on several occasions and because of whom I will continue to use this excellent service.....and recommend it to others.

David Hopley,
Foster Executive
Handled very efficiently
rating stars

The whole process was handled very efficiently for me by Shane - from my initial call, he made it easy for me to understand what was required, verified quickly what I provided and executed it promptly once submitted officially with the payment.

Thank you.

Pradip Shukla,
Received quickly
rating stars

Thank you for the thorough checking of my paperwork prior to the documents being sent in the post it really does help. The passport was received quickly.

Thank you again for the service.

Fiona Strauss,
Fortius Cdivnic

Some of the Businesses We Have Helped

business icons


What is a Second UK Passport?

A second UK passport could be issued from the Passport Office for frequent international business travellers that intend to visit visa entry destinations. This would allow the traveller to utilize one passport for, sometimes lengthy, visa submissions while continuing his travels on the other one. Another use of a second British passport is for visits to conflicting destinations where a visa application would be rejected due to pre-existing stamps from another conflicting country, such as Saudi Arabia and Israel. A second British passport carries a different passport number and it is not a duplicate passport. It is valid for 10 years from the day of issue and can be renewed if the traveller is still in need of one.

Who qualifies for a second UK passport?

Only applicants that can prove that they are frequent international business travellers could obtain a 2nd British passport. The applicant should be a senior representative at the company i.e. director, manger. Furthermore, he should prove intention to travel to visa entry countries and/or conflicting countries. That is done by providing an originally signed (in ink) support letter from their employing or contracting company explaining the reasons of needing the second British passport along with important personal information about the applicant, his involvement in the company and future travels. It is important to note that a second passport cannot not be issued to accommodate tourist visa needs.

What is the difference between a second British passport and a second citizenship?

Applying to hold a second citizenship is applying to be a citizen of two different countries at the same time. Applying for a second British passport is an application to hold two British passports at the same time. These two passports are treated as two separate documents – they are not duplicates, and they each have their own unique passport number. Whilst we do not assist with obtaining citizenship, we do assist with obtaining a second British passport.

What is the application process described in simple steps?

If you intend to use our services to get your second British passport it can be done in a few simple steps:

  • Contact our dedicated team via email or phone call. You will be sent a descriptive email of requirements and next steps. You will be provided with clear instructions and relevant templates. You will then need to complete all requirements.
  • Email scans of the completed requirements to our team of passport consultants for pre-check. Within 20 minutes you will receive a reply outlining any required amendments. Once the pre-check process is completed our representatives will advise you with a link to the Online Order Form which is an internal document that stands for payment and where you get to choose the passport size, service type, how and where you would like your passport returned to.
  • Send of the application to our central London office. Once received we will book the first available appointment (subject to Passport Office appointment availability). We will advise you on the appointment and expected return date and time.

Note that our team will keep you updated throughout the process.

What do I need to apply for a 2nd British passport?

In order to apply for a second British passport, you would need to provide us with the following:

Your current passport or a photocopy of the data page of your current passport along with copies of all pages of current passport.

  • Passport application form – available in major UK post offices
  • 2 passport sized photographs – different to the ones in your current passport, and taken within the last month. One of which must be signed by the counter signatory stating, “I hereby certify the true likeness of the (applicant name)”
  • Employer Support Letter - with original ink signature from someone in a Managerial or Directorial position within the company
  • Online Visa Order Form - an internal document that stands for payment and where you get to choose the passport size, service type

What is the role of Rapid British Passports in the process?

Rapid British Passports is a private agency that assist with passport inquiries. If you decide to use our service you will benefit from the fast track services and our expertise. Our dedicated team of passport consultants will pre-check your application thoroughly via email and advise on amendments and any risk of rejection and ways to avoid it. Our team will be by your side on every step of the process via phone call or email. Once we have received the application in our office we will submit on your behalf. Essentially Rapid Passport will make this process as easy and headache free as possible!

How much does it cost to apply for a second passport in UK?

Second UK Passport Fees You can choose between a normal size 32page passport or a jumbo 48 page passport. The Passport Office fees are GBP 128 for the standard one and GBP 137 for the jumbo. On top of that you have our service fees as per the processing time:

Basic: £547+VAT
Standard: £747+VAT
Premium: £947+VAT

I am interested in applying for a second UK passport, where can I start?

If interested in getting a 2nd British passport, the first thing to do is contact our team via phone call or email. It would be helpful if you already have a copy of the passport application form in hand which is obtainable from any major UK Post Office. We would advise to grab a few copies as if there is a mistake, a new british passport form must be completed. You could also obtain your passport sized pictures from a photo booth or a specialist. A good idea would be to also find the person that will act as your counter-signatory. This person must be a non-related individual that you have known for at least 2 years, that holds a UK passport and works in the UK.

How many Passports can you have in the UK?

There is no restriction to the number of additional passports that an applicant can have, however generally if you have 2 current UK passports, and if you wish to have more than you will need to undertake further analysis of your reasoning and genuine need. A second UK passport is common for applicants that needed it for business or study reasons, but more will require additional documents to support this.

Please note that applicants are also not restricted in the number of passports by different nationalities they can have. The UK does not restrict British passport holders to only have a UK passport and to give up their other nationalities. Therefore there is no restriction in the number of passports in terms of citizenships and nationalities.

Can you have 3 passports

It is possible to have 3 British passports which are issued from the UK Passport office. This is not common and often the reasons are scrutinised by the passport office where they require additional information and justification for this. Please contact our team at Rapid passports so you can see whether you are eligible for more additional passports than the usual 2 UK passports that are issued by the UK government.

Can you apply for second uk passport online

The answer is yes, however this still requires a visit to the passport office by someone that does not have to be the applicant. You will undertake the online precheck with our company, provide your digital photos, complete an online application form, and provide us a digital copy of your supporting documents including your employment support letter and copy of your current UK passport. You can also pay for this online. Once we are happy with the online documentation we shall use those and take them to your appointment where a second passport will be issued in 7 working days. Please note the passport office does not offer an additional passport that is purely online and it will require an actual visit to the passport office.

What is a Frequent traveller Passport?

A frequent traveller passport is another name for an additional passport or Second Passport. It is the extra passport that will support the applicant in frequent travel, where there is high frequency and regular stamping of the passport pages, which means they get filled up very quickly. In order to use frequent travel as a reason for a second passport, please see our use cases and information on assessing the genuine need, eligibility and other criteria.

Eligibility Checks For a Second UK Passport Application

Second Passport Eligibility

How does the HMPO check if you are eligible for a second passport?

There are many reasons that will lead to the Issuance and Rejection of an additional Passport. We have highlighted the critical reasons in a summarized way in this section which will allow readers to quickly identify if they will be eligible.

Please see the criteria below. If you have any questions, please contact our team members. The info below is a general guide and not exhaustive. The exhaustive reasons will be assessed if you commence the application process with us.

Genuine Need

The passport office has a number of factors they use to assess whether the applicant is entitled to an additional passport, and if the applicants have a genuine need. We will help you in diagnosing whether your need qualifies for one. This often involves whether your need fits under the frequent traveller needs, entering incompatible study, the nature of the job (eg airline staff) etc. See our Use Cases section for further details.

As well as assessing the reasons for the additional passport, the HMPO will also check the amount of validity you will get. For example if you apply for a 34 page passport, they may deem it more appropriate that you apply instead for a 50 page passport. This is quite important if the traveller is getting lots of stamps. As your agency, we always apply for the large passport, and charge for this as well during our checkout process.

Identity Checks for Second UK Passport Application

As apart of the application procedure the passport office will carry out essential identity checks on each applicant. This is done by the passport officer during the appointment using the documents that have been provided. Please note that us as an agency will take your documents down. The passport office will review the photographs and check those against the original passport. They will also check the applicants photo and personal information (eg date of birth, place of birth etc) against the records that they have on their databases. Please note that for the second passport process, the applicant does not need to attend.

Previously with the paper form with the passport office, section 10 was required along with a countersignatory if there had been considerable changes in appearance of the applicant compared to their previous passport. However if the passport office assume there have not been major changes, and can verify your identity then they shall proceed. Please note that if you are making a “first time passport application”; have lost your passport multiple times then the applicant must visit in person. If you have lost your passport multiple times and wish to apply for an additional passport, please let us know during your application as we may not be able to assist.

Uncancelled Passports

Uncancelled Passports when Renewing the Second Passport Applications

If you are renewing your second passport with us, the passport office will require the second passport to be renewed. We will require this for when we take your application for the appointment using our service at Rapid Passports. During the appointment the passport officer will check on their database how many active passports there are. If there are 2 current active passports, one must be cancelled and the original passport provided. It is common for our agency to help clients during their second passport application, and for the client to have forgotten to tell us about an unexpired second passport. Additionally, there have been cases where there have been uncancelled passports on the database of the passport office, and we have had to request that passport from the client. When the passport office proceeds with a second passport, they need to ensure there is only one active passport on their database. If it is a renewal of the second passport, they will cancel that passport as soon as they have it during their appointment. In short, there can only be one active passport on their DAP system if they are to proceed with your application. Please kindly liaise with us if you are unsure if you have more than one active passport.

If you have lost a previous passport that might be current, and this is not registered onto the passport office databases, then you should have declared this as a lost person before you apply for a second passport. This is done online or via an LS01 form. Once you have received confirmation from the passport office that this has been cancelled, you can then apply for a new second passport.

Existing Passport Checks

Depending on your situation, the passport office will need to review the clients current passport as a part of their normal process. The requirements will change depending on whether the application is for a first time additional passport / second UK passport or a renewal of one. We will guide our clients on what they need to fulfil this requirement for the passport office. However we have given a summary of this below. If the application is for a first time second passport application, then there are two options for the client. Either they can provide their original passport for the application. However the fact that someone is applying for a second UK passport in the first place assume that they might not be able to provide their current passport. With that in mind, in most cases the passport office will accept a colour copy of their passport. They will require a colour copy of every page inside their current passport, including their data page and the stamp pages. Black and white copies are not expected, and copies should be high resolution. This will allow the applicant to keep their passport whilst they make their application. Please note that this service is only available for Business travellers. Those applying for their additional passport for eg study reasons will not need to provide this.

Please note that at Rapid Passports, we shall provide you with our template letter which you can complete. This letter will basically state the reasons why you will not provide the original passport to support your application.Depending on your situation, we have different templates that state that they either need to current passport as they contain travel permits, current visas; they need their current passport to apply for existing visa application; they need to keep their current passport as they cannot give up their existing passport as they need it with them. We can also assist our customers with drafting a letter that will allow for this.

If the applicant is renewing their second British passport, then this will need to be surrendered to the passport office where they shall cancel the passport internal and cut the corner of the relevant passport to be renewed. Please note that the renewed second passport is sent separately from the expired/passport to be renewed.

In the event that you cannot provide the colour copy (eg the passport is already inside an embassy for a visa application) then the passport office can assist and bypass this as long as they are able to confirm the applicants identity, confirming that they are entitled and that they are a British national.

How the passport office reviews the old passport to support the second additional passport request?

The passport office may undertake a detailed check of the applicants old passport to ensure that their requirements are in line with rules that the passport office will issue one. The passport officer will often undertake their own checks and if they deem that they have a doubt or not enough information to support the application then they will often go for further checks. With that in mind, we ensure that when working with clients, they have provided as much supporting information as they possibly can.


Is the applicant entitled to a second passport?

The passport office will check for eligibility and whether the applicant is entitled to a Second UK Passport. This benefit is generally reserved for applicants that have the need and can prove it. When you make your additional passport application, please ensure that you fulfil the entitlement requirements. If you are unsure about this, please contact our team at Rapid Passports who will assist you accordingly to ensure you have the correct guidance, however please see an overview below.

The applicant must be a British national already. This goes without saying, however we have been asked before by clients who have not got their British citizenship yet or those that hold another nationality. For a second passport, a first must exist, therefore this requirement is assumed already.

Identity verification by the passport office is also undertaken to ensure that it is in fact yourself and this is done by comparing photos from your first passport against the photos for the new passport. This is discussed in greater detail in the identity checks for the second passport section.

The passport office will also require you to explain your need for this service along with providing supporting documents and evidence to demonstrate this need for a second passport. The need is often applying for visas, frequent travel, study, conflict countries etc and the supporting documents often include the letter from the employer, letters from the applicant explaining their situation, letters from their educational provider and so forth. Our team at Rapid Passports will assist you with this process. Please note that the passport office will check and make an assessment to verify the authenticity of the documentation provided, eg the company via their letter, registration, contact details and so forth. This is done using the contact details on the employment support letter and the content of the letter and if it is genuine will be assessed.

Use Cases for Second UK Passport Applications

Which Is Applies To You

The following section below gives in depth information about who is eligible for a UK passport and how the decision is made in whether the second passport will be issued. Please kindly review these and see if your requirements fit into one of these use cases. If you are not sure, then please feel free to contact one of the passport consultants here at Rapid Passports. We will help you identify the reason and if we can assist with your case. However to get start please kindly see the relevant sections as shown below:

second UK passport due to incompatible countries

Second passport for incompatible countries

Second Passport for travelling to compatible and conflict countries

This is one of the most common reasons that applicants apply for an additional passport. Incompatible reasons are those with issues in the political arena, and where one country may not recognise the other, or where a stamp from one country would restrict entry to another country, and the current passport does not allow entry. This can also involved having certain visas inside the passport or an immigration stamp, or if the applicant has dual nationality or citizenship that would prove to be problematic.

Please note that this reason is not restricted to just business travellers but for any client with any travel need assuming that they can evidence the stamp or visa that will cause issue entering another country. The passport office will query the reasons. At Rapid Passports, we will understand that trying to communicate these complicated situations can be challenging, especially on a timeframe. However we will help you understand the reasons and circumstance and assist in getting the relevant information and draft the letters to show what you need to.

How to prove travel to conflict and incompatible nations

The rules of what the HMPO require are quite standard and the documents we shall request on your behalf include providing evidence of the passport that has any problematic immigration stamps or visas and evidence by way of an employment support letter or self referenced letter. Please do note that typically an additional passport with the 10 year validity is issued,however depending on the circumstances the decision may be taken by the passport office to give a restricted passport to cover that specific trip. We will advise on this further after understanding your situation,

The most common incompatible countries where a Second UK Passport is required - examples:

  • Having an Israeli stamp and having to travel to certain Muslim or Arab Countries

These countries are specifically listed as Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Please note that this is not applicable for Israeli dual nationals.

  • An additional passport when having a Libyan immigration stamp and wanting to travel to Saudi Arabia
  • An additional passport when having a Pakistan stamp and wanting to travel to Yemen
  • An additional passport when having travellers having a Kosovan stamp but require travel to Serbia
  • British nationals that are residence in Qatar and have a Qatari residence stamp/permit inside their passport but require travel to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain or Egypt

Please note that if this is your reason, but your use case for incompatible countries is not shown, then please kindly contact us where we shall review the FCDO advice (Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office) to query this.

Second UK PAssport for Business Reasons image

Second Passport for Business Reasons

The FCDO and UK government understand how important it is to allow ease of travel for their nationals, especially in the sphere of business. The majority of clients that we assist in getting their second passport and support them as they facilitate their frequent travel needs to different nations that present different challenges to them. In terms of an additional passport for business travellers, the reasons vary significantly, and with that so will the requirements needed by the HMPO to support the application.

Please see the most common usecases where a client would require a second passport

Having a Second Passport needed when applying for Travel Visas

An embassy can hold a passport for a visa application for a few days or up to many months, which would restrict the option for travel if you need to surrender your current passport. If this is your reason, then your employment support letter needs to explain the full circumstances clearly.

Additional Passport for Conflict Countries

Please see our specific section about travel to incompatible countries. This is a common reason for business travellers, however there is a restriction to specific country sets. Please see our section specifically for that. Proof for this requirement is often a letter from the employer or applicant stating their travel needs, which country or countries they will be travelling to along with the duration and listing the countries. If the passport is currently inside or will be inside an embassy or consulate then this can also be stated in the letter as this is a common reason. The current information must be presented. If you require assistance in eliciting the relevant information and presenting this, then please do not hesitate to contact one of our additional passport officers and consultants.

Additional Passport for Regular Travellers

The HMPO may issue a second passport for applicants that have frequent travel where the passport gets filled up very quickly causing challenges during travel. This is a very valid reason that is considered, however supporting documentation does need to be presented for this. Common proof to support this type of application includes a copy from the applicant's employer stating the nature of the job, countries being visited and the main challenges. The HMPO will also need to see (either a copy of the original passport), and examine the pages to examine this. If this is the reason, we shall support the applicant in getting the relevant documents checked after drafting.

Additional Passport Employment Support Letters

If you fall into one of the business categories as listed above and you have evidence to justify the issuance, then one of the most important requirements is the employment support letters. This is critical in letting the HMPO officer understand your circumstances. As an agency, we shall work with you to draft up any paperwork, with over 10 years of experience in this we can assist. However please kindly see the the core information regarding the letter from your employer (or accountant if this cannot be provided) must be no older than 6 months from the date of the application, and signed by a senior officer within the company, a client of the application, accountant. Please note that as well as reviewing the content of any supporting documents and letters, the passport officer will also review the genuineness of the letter, its authenticity, the legitimacy of the company and if required the passport officer shall also contact the company to confirm the contents, and verify the existence of the company and its operations. Features such as the logo and email address can be checked along with for example if the company is from the United Kingdom, then a verification check against the companies house database may be undertaken.

second UK passport for study reasons image

Second Passport for Study Reasons

There are some unique situations where a second passport will be issued to applicants to support their study and academic purposes. There are some general and very specific reasons that will support this, he most common reason is when a student has to travel frequently across different countries (eg research students, those attending various courses, those were the study location is not in their country of residence).

Supporting Documentation to apply for a Second Passport for Study and Academic Reasons

The applicant needs to provide a supporting letter, ideally from the educational institution that gives content on how they can expect the pages inside the passport to fill up over a short duration of time due to stamps when crossing a border regularly. The letter then needs to lead onto how the second passport will help the student undertaken their studies so that there is continuity and no interruption or challenges that might be caused as a result of the frequent travel.

The applicant will also be require to provide their existing passport or a colour copy of each page of the current British passport in order to provide proof that they are a frequent traveller.

If you are a student or head of department and require assistance in obtaining a second passport, then please kindly contact one our team members.

Special circumstances for students needing an additional passport

The passport office considers the following examples as specific use cases.

Applicants that reside either in Singapore or Malaysia and therefore most likely will cross te border daily in order to get to their academic institution, school or university. Other examples are residents of Brunei for example Bandar Seri Begawan and are required to enter Borneo, or those that are students at the Raffles American school in Johor Baru but reside in Singapore and must cross daily. If your situation is not listed, please contact us and we can advise further. If you are a school with British nationals in similar circumstances, we request you to also contact us so that we can advise.

second UK passport for frequent travel reasons image

Second Passport for Frequent Travellers

This is a common reason that second passports are issued, mostly for business clients, government staff and students. A frequent traveller is considered to be a traveller that regularly must travel between countries for their employment or study, which would lead to their current passport being stamped and getting filled very quickly.

For frequent travellers, the HMPO will require several items of documentation, however the main ones include an employment support letter and either their existing passport or a colour copy of each page inside the existing passport.

Common industries and use cases where an applicant may require a second passport might include

  • Airline crew that are entering different countries frequently and their existing passport is getting stamped regularly
  • Staff in the distribution, trucking, logistics and haulage industry, where team members are required to enter/cross a range of countries.
  • Entertainment and the arts, for example actors, photographers, cinematographers, audio and visual crew/artists, entertainers.
  • Manufacturing and engineering where engineers and installation staff will be required to travel for their related work, especially field service engineers.
  • Finance related work where travel to different countries is frequent and often.
  • If your profession is not listed above, please contact us so that we can advise you in further detail going forward. We shall assist applicants in preparation of their paperwork, understand their needs and submit the case on their behalf.

    Please note that each case is considered on its individual merits therefore clients should focus on provide relevant information to the HMPO staff.

second UK passport for government and FCDO staff image

Second Passport for UK Government Staff

It is common for staff across all departments of the UK government to require a second or additional passport. Even they the second passport is for government staff, the HMPO use the same inspection process as if the applicant was from an external company except with a few variations. The departments covered include an additional passport for FCDO / Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, Diplomatic and Official staff, staff from the ministry of defence. We can advise on this process.

For FCDO staff the application will be assessed using the same process as a business traveller with frequent traveller requirements or incompatibility between countries being mentioned. Please note however unlike a business client, the applicant does not need to state the countries that they are travelling to and an Portable Document Format which is an internal document type can be used instead of the letter. Please note that we can use this to assist.

For Diplomats and Office staff, a letter stating their reasons as listed on this webpage. The letter must be signed a senior member within the department. If you are a diplomat, and also have a specific diplomat passport along with your current passport, then this is not considered as having 2 passports, as they are considered different types.

Second passports for MOD staff are treated with a different degree of urgency given last minute and emergency travel situations. If you are a MOD staff, you will be able to hold onto your current passport whilst applying for a renewal, however a letter of support and authorisation will be required by someone senior within the department.

If you are a government employee and require our support, then please email us and we can support you with this process.

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