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Requirements of Passport Renewal

  Rapid British Passports


  • Existing passport (current), or a photocopy of your current passport data page along with a letter addressed to the passport office stating the reason why you cannot provide the original, e.g. it is with an embassy for visa processing.
  • Passport Application Form - Available from any UK post office
  • Authorisation form
  • 2 Passport size photographs (taken against a slightly off whitish background, facial expressions to be kept to a minimum)
  • Visa Order Form


  • 32 page same day service £128
  • 32 page next day service £128
  • 32 page 1 week service £128
  • 32 page 1 week service £128
  • 48 page same day service £137
  • 48 page next day service £137
  • 48 page 1 week service £137


  • Same Day Service £250+VAT
  • Next Day Service £210+VAT
  • 1 Week Service £180+VAT

How it works


Read the requirements for your application type


Fill in the order


Submit the required documents to us



Benefits of applying with us

You don't have to go anywhere.

By using us as your acting agency, all you have to do is send us your application from your local post office or by courier.

Your application is processed immediately.

As a specialised passport agency we are authorised to submit applications on our clients' behalf at His Majesty's Passport office without the need to book any appointments.

Your documents are checked before sending.

Your agent will check your items before applying for your passport in order to avoid delays and rejection.

We provide professional customer service.

Our agents are on-hand via email and phone to assist with any type of query you might have.

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*Disclaimer: We are a private company and this is a commercial website to apply for a passport applications. You will be charged a fee for using our services. You are also able to apply directly through the His Majesty's Passport Office where you will not pay any additional service fees. Should you wish to apply directly with the embassy you may do so here