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In order to have someone other than yourself register your documents at His Majesty's Passport Office and collect your new passport when you are unable to, a letter of authorisation is required.

If you choose to apply for your new passport with us then the original authorisation letter will need to be sent together with all of your other supporting documents for your passport application.

To make things as easy for you as possible, we have put together a template that you will receive once you have filled in the order form.

How to write the Authorization Letter

What does the letter contain?

The authorisation letter should be addressed directly to His Majesty's Passport Office and will need to contain the following information:

Information in your authorisation letter:

  • Your first name and surname
  • The date and your signature

Information of Rapid British Passports:

  • Agency's name
  • Contact details of agency
  • Agent's name who will lodge your application and pick up your passport
  • Agent's signature

The Rapid British Passports agent who will be lodging your application and collecting your passport will need to provide, for verification purposes, original photographic proof of his or her identity.

The statement:

“This is to certify that I ....................................................... (applicant's name) authorise my agent, whose signature is verified below, to lodge my application for a ………………. passport and to collect my new passport on my behalf.”

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